Linens are an important part of your event and can be used to make a statement. Follow the steps below to pick the perfect linen for your event.

Step 1. Browse Our Color Options

View our linen color options below and pick a color that’s perfect for your event.

Light Pink POly linen

White Poly Linen

Cream Poly Linen

Beige Poly Linen

Hot Pink Poly linen

Rose poly linen

burgundy poly linen

red poly linen

peach poly linen

orange poly linen

burnt orange poly linen

rust poly linen

pale yellow poly linen

yellow poly linen

gold poly linen

celadon poly linen

kelly green poly linen

emerald poly green

hunter green poly linen

light blue poly linen

turquoise poly linen

ocean blue poly linen

royal blue poly linen

lilac poly linen

purple poly linen

eggplant poly linen

brown poly linen

silber poly linen

dark gray poly linen

black poly linen

2. Pick The Right Linen Size

Once you’ve nailed down your color, determine what linen size you’ll need based on the tables that will be present at your event. Use our linen size guide below to help you decide.

what size linen should I use for my tables?

48″ Round Table : 
-90″ round linen (3/4 length)
-108″ round linen (floor length)

60″ round Table : 
-90″ Round linen (lap length)
-108″ round linen (3/4 length)
-120″ round (floor length)

72″ Round Table :
-108″ round linen (lap length)
-120″ round linen (3/4 length)
-132″ Round linen (floor length)

6′ Banquet Table :
-60″x 102″ linen (lap length)
-90″x 132″ linen (floor length)

8′ Banquet Table :
-60″x 126″ linen (lap length)
-90″x 156″ linen (floor length)

3. Add Product To Shopping Cart

Now that you’ve picked your color and size, add the product to your shopping cart for checkout. Select one of the linen products below and then choose and then select the color options you prefer. If the size and color you’ve selected is not available for checkout, please call us to discuss options as we are able to source nearly every color, size and material.

Additional Items in Inventory

Ask us about these additional items which we have ready to complement your table linen package. All the below prices are for IN STOCK items only, additional fees may apply for any special order items.

Basic Topper$5.00
Lace Runner / Topper$12.50+
Burlap Runner / Topper$7.50 – $10.00
Top of the Line Topper (Assorted Colors)$15.00
Table Skirt (White or Black; Fat or Thin Clip)$1.00 per running ft.
Chair Covers (Specify Folding or Hotel)$3.00+
Chair Sash / Tie$1.00+
Chair Cover & Sash Installation$1.00 per chair
Napkins$1.00($1.50+ for special order)
Elasticized Quick Covers (Disposable Plastic)$6.00

Please Specify Your Event Date

To be able to add rental items to your cart, we need to know what date your event is taking place so our system can check availability of your items. Please use the field at the top of this page to select the date of your event.