We help you make it beautiful. We help you make it easy.

Our Story

We recognized the need to provide a way for those who want to put style into their food presentations without hiring a full-service caterer.  With years of trial and error experience in food and event hosting, we developed our Master Hosting Plans.  You add a little effort.  We make easy.

Our Ingredients

We use only the freshest local ingredients. Our food items come frozen in bulk with instructions. There are no added preservatives. Care is taken in the production to be sure you get the same taste and uniformity each time you order.

Our Equipment

We have curated high-end and unusual pieces. We take pride in our rental equipment. We have developed instructional videos so our clients are knowledgeable in how to care for the equipment too! We put a great amount of effort in sourcing unusual pieces and décor requires hours of research.

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To be able to add rental items to your cart, we need to know what date your event is taking place so our system can check availability of your items. Please use the field at the top of this page to select the date of your event.